TerraFab v0.0.1

Get this model 3D-printed

TerraFab v0.0.1

Own a slice of Norway!

Terrafab displays really detailed 3D-landscapes. Your browser should be fine, but you may still have issues with your hardware. Best of luck.

Terrafab is an experimental service that displays really detailed 3d-models in the browser. Unfortunately, we haven't tested it with your browser yet, but it might just work anyway! For an optimal experience try the latest version of Chrome.

We're really sorry, Terrafab uses WebGL to display detailed 3d models. This just doesn't work in your browser or on your hardware. You might try to use the latest version of Chrome.

We're sorry, this project is only available on the desktop. And preferably the latest Chrome at that. Watch the video below and come back with your laptop!

Arguably, Norway has one of the top five most incredible terrains in the known universe. Now you can create your own 3D-printed genuine gypsum heirloom mantelpiece display replica of your favorite part of this formidable landscape in two easy steps:

  1. Drag the selector around until you love what you see in the floating 3D preview.
  2. Hit the big, orange button that says "Get this model 3D-printed"
Ok, got it!

Terrafab is made possible by the open data policies of the Norwegian Mapping Authority.